Color ergonomics in kitchen architecture (part 1)

Color ergonomics

Colors in the environment and spaces around us have an undeniable reality and appearance, they exist in the form of pure, dark, light and gray colored materials and are perceived by light reflected from the surface of objects by human vision and mentality on the nervous system. And it affects the human psyche. Therefore, part of the influence of colors is related to the appearance and independent personality of each color, which can be called the power of color language expression.

The other part is related to the mental and psychological state of people. Artists, philosophers, researchers and psychologists have talked a lot about the effects of color on humans. Today, even with the type of choice and use of specific colors, one can understand the psychological characteristics and personality of people to a large extent.

This article describes some of the experiences and tests that are based on recognizing colors and understanding the rules of architecture and design away from limitations. Colors reflect the state of mind, thinking, excellence and human culture. Color in interiors is a necessity, man in every culture, nationality and history he lives, is a mixture of actions and desires in the form of behaviors.

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The behavior of color in doing different things is innumerable. Color imposes itself everywhere. Thus, color has a static or dynamic function that can have decorative or destructive properties in architecture. There are features that should be used to create a new orientation of the mural. In various colorimetric books, information about color ergonomics and interior design of the kitchen is provided, which we will briefly discuss in the following article.

Blue has a calm, thought-provoking, logical, cold-blooded, gentle, trustworthy and mysterious personality and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Since blue acts as an appetite suppressant, it is recommended not to use this color for the dining room. Blue is used in a modern kitchen with bright and shiny appliances. Modern and new materials in architecture, such as multi-style sheets – Terspa aluminum composite, which have metallic, chromic and titanium-colored textures, have the highest harmony with the color blue, and using these materials in the form of frames, stains and themes creates a special harmony. Metallic glitter and metallic colors combined with glossy blue, glass and chrome are a great way to design ideas that inspire a new sense of innovation and technology.

Green evokes freshness, purity and simplicity. Bright green in a simple color spectrum creates excitement and joy. Bright and bright greens evoke a sense of beauty of growth and renewal. Lemon greens are a good option for small kitchens that radiate warmth in the space. Light purple color and blue-green spectrum are a very strong complement in the design, which if created together, will create modern and special spaces. A very stylish and beautiful environment appears.

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