Why and how Art Deco style interior decoration

Art Deco style

Decorative art or art deco is a style and art movement that first appeared in France before the First World War. Art deco style is significantly flexible and as an inspiring style in design, literature, fashion, architecture and various fields. Is considered. Whether you want to decorate your space with colors inspired by Art Deco style or dedicate your whole house to aesthetics focused on a color palette, here are some principles about colors and Art Deco style for a better choice.

Art Deco style interior decoration

The Art Deco period lasted from the early 1920s to the late 1930s. This period, which was rich and glorious, seems to have been the background of the greatest influence on art and architecture, especially government buildings and prominent buildings such as empire buildings. In fact, it can be said that Art Deco was a modern and luxurious style and some of its innovations. From a variety of sources such as Egyptian art and archaeological discoveries to all new technologies.

Many of the materials used in classical art galleries and inspirational furniture are prominent examples of this period. Some of the materials used in Art Deco include stainless steel, mirrors, chrome, glass, lacquer, decorative wood, and even exotic skins like sharkskin and zebra pattern و. Expensive materials such as ebony, marble and rare woods are used in furniture and accessories of this style.

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The designers of the Art Deco period relied heavily on bronze, steel and nickel. In fact, it can be said that these glossy surfaces seem to be the common accent and theme of this style. In one sentence, we can say that everything in this style is shiny. Simple and straight lines and the use of simple and repetitive maps and drawings as decorations as well as regular curves can be mentioned as other features of this style. Art Deco style with more emphasis on geometry, usually has regular lines and patterns, and on the embellishments emphasize dynamic curves and bold angles.

Art Deco colors

Art Deco colors include a wide range of colors from red to yellow, orange and purple, green, blue that can be well combined with silver, black and chrome.

On the other hand, black and white is a special color palette for Art Deco, which is associated with a glow that is reminiscent of the main feature of Art Deco style.

The amount of common colors and Art Deco elements used in the decoration of any room depends on the personal approach and taste of the people. To add the effect of this style in the decoration, you can use the following items!

Layered lighting to create the right atmosphere

Use angled patterns, step designs and embossed curves without complicated profiles

Use mirrors and glazing

Using drawing patterns and soft textures, satin and silk fabrics

Rumble rugs, carpets and fabrics with geometric shapes

Glossy and polished furniture or mirrored furniture

Emphasis on lines, shapes, and symmetry

Use decorative elements with symbols of the sun

Art Deco style interior decoration

To conclude, if you are interested in intricate and glamorous interior design and decorations, by observing the above points, you will definitely like the Art Deco interior decoration style, and you can enjoy the luxurious, elegant and mesmerizing atmosphere of this style.

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