Three basic and essential principles for a balanced decoration!

balanced decoration

There are many decoration rules, each of which can help you create a suitable decoration, but each trick includes three essential principles that are the basis for any arrangement or beginning to change the decoration! When it comes to balance, it reminds us of words like harmony. If you pay attention to these three issues for the arrangement, you will have a balanced decoration, but how?

Balance in rhythm!

 Rhythm in general language is the same theme used throughout the space. Rhythm is the general theme of the space in all areas of the house. In such a way that by observing a space, a part of the house is not felt separately from other parts and the general unity of the spheres is maintained. The rhythm does not mean explicit templates such as travel themes or animal themes. This theme can indirectly and imperceptibly create space with Link together!

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Balance in contrast!

Do not forget that it is not the only harmony that balances the space, but also contrasts with space, such as the beautiful word that means ugliness. Of course, remember that the use of contrast should not overshadow the whole space and create chaos. You can use accessories or smaller elements, for example, using colored cushions on furniture with a neutral color! Observe moderation and avoid excess!

Balance in scale!

 The scale, dimensions of the furniture, and the elements used in your decoration. To create a balanced space, you must consider the dimensions and, like a person who chooses clothes that fit the dimensions of his body, choose furniture and accessories that fit the dimensions of your home and the space you want! For smaller homes, use more comfortable and elegant furniture. Even in accessories such as vases, pay attention to the height of the space or size. A very large vase will not be ideal for a small bedroom! In addition to choosing the right and considering the dimensions, pay attention to the scale of the furniture and accessories that are placed next to each other. Sometimes it is better to include several heights in the space for more beauty to reduce visual uniformity and sometimes it is better to use objects as Use symmetry and height to reduce crowds, but in any case, you must choose wisely, increase the balance in the scales used, and avoid excesses!

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