Simple decoration

Simple decoration

Simple decoration

Many people choose hard and heavy ways and ideas to achieve a stylish and lovely house and ignore simple ideas for home decor. To complete an ideal and lovely decoration, it is enough to use simple ideas and make your home beautiful and stylish with the essential and basic principles of simple decoration design.

Colourful and straightforward decoration with the fruits of nature

To create a sense of freshness and vitality in the kitchen space, place a bowl of colourful fruits such as lemons and oranges on the kitchen table or place a vase full of natural flowers on the table.

Bedroom decoration

Making the bedroom decoration more beautiful brings rich colours into the room with small accessories. It uses plain white sheets and pillows because the feeling of sleeping in bed in white is indescribable!

Symmetry, a symbol of simplicity and relaxation

It should not always be in a symmetrical environment. Still, it is better to place some items symmetrically in the room to create balance and calm in the space, such as creating a sense of security in your bedroom, two candles on the dining table or two lampshades around the bed put.

A luxurious reception with simple facilities

To have a beautiful and glorious decoration on your reception table, put a beautiful desktop. You can choose a table with a modern or traditional style according to your taste and prepare a luxurious space for entertaining your guests with simple items.

Paint the walls

You do not have to paint all the walls to change the house’s space because it is very time consuming and costly, you can make changes in the space by painting even one wall, or you can stick one of your walls with wallpaper.


In the interior decoration section of the wet fashion world, another type of practical idea for decorating the reception hall is the use of lampshades and decorative lights because the lighting makes the interior decoration of the living room more beautiful and attractive.

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