Color and Design

Color and Design

Color and Design:

Colors are one of the main elements in interior decoration design and home layout. As you know, the house colors have the most significant impact on our daily moods, so this need is the basis to learn more about colors and know which Colors make you feel better. Choosing the right color for your home feels as good as winning the lottery. It’s a bit difficult, and one of the factors that can help a lot is science. You can create a unique mood for any room by painting the walls, painting the furniture or even painting the pillows, blankets, plants or a picture on the wall.

Kitchen color

Yellow: A right color for the kitchen and cheerful, and in the right way gives people energy and can help increase metabolism.  When you think of yellow, it reminds you of warm sunshine and happiness.

Gray: Since it is a warm color, not a cool gray, it is an excellent choice because it is simple and comes in any other color.  If you paint your kitchen gray, be sure to highlight it with different warm colors.

Green: A popular color for snack bars and cafes, so it makes sense to use it in your kitchen as well.  As mentioned above, this is the color of nature and can make you feel relaxed, relaxed and naturally energized.  We recommend that you do not use lemon green or buff greens.

Living room color

Pale purple: It is a beautiful and soft purple shade, so it is very suitable for the living room.  While darker purple is more stimulating, Pale purple and lilac enhance thought and calmness. Try adding a few darker purple items, such as paintings, cushions.

Blue: This color is soothing and relaxed, very much like the sky on a beautiful spring day or the frozen ocean.  Due to its tendency to promote a colder environment, it is appropriate to choose a lighter blue or darker blue, unlike hot weather.

Green: Green can also be used well in the living room, as long as it is dark green with other light fixtures such as curtains.

Dining room color

Red: Red stimulates the appetite (see restaurants, fast foods), so it is good for the dining area. Red can produce excitement and energy, so choose good red.  Like many bold colors, use lighter items such as chairs, flowers, paintings, and more.

Orange: Orange is another color that stimulates the appetite and is, therefore, suitable for the dining room; it enhances the feeling of warmth, freshness and freshness.

The best bedroom color

Green can be a right choice for the bedroom and depending on the individual taste; you can make it darker, lighter.  Adolescents may need lemon green energy, while adults may prefer a soothing and balanced forest green color.  All colors are green in nature, so you can not go wrong.

Blue: It is one of the most popular bedroom colors because it is soothing and expresses confidence and strength.

Pale purple (lavender): calms the nerves and strengthens calm and is the most popular color.  According to the Maryland Medical Center, the plant is used to treat a range of ailments, including insomnia and anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

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