Be your home decorator with these golden rules! (part2)

colors and textures

Color and texture are always together

You need to analyze colors and textures together because these two affect the understanding of each other.

Cool colors are good for warm coastal areas.  Instead, in a northern city, they look too melancholy.

Warm colors give the impression that the room looks a few degrees warmer than it really is.

Screaming colors are inappropriate for the bedroom.  It is better to use them in spaces where you do not spend much time.

If you use the dominant color in your interior, changing the texture is essential to avoid uniformity.

Lighting is the most emotional part of interior design

Proper lighting changes your mood and the atmosphere of the space.  Lights affect our feelings and thoughts.  With the help of lighting you can create anything.

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Make the most of daylight, do not cover windows.

Use a mirror.  Mirrors not only add more light to the space, but also visually make the space larger.

Artificial light complements natural light and creates a pleasant atmosphere, so do not forget to use: chandeliers, wall lamps, lampshades and even candles.

Define the details of the interior.

It is the details of the decoration that make your home a real home.  Try to imagine the end result mentally.

Choose your wardrobe, cabinets and various elements of your home responsibly.  Note that the color and material are in harmony with the whole space

All the different elements in your decoration should have something that unites them.  For example, decorating with different cushions is a great way to unite all the colors and textures of a space into one.

Choosing a neutral color for the curtains is wise, so you are less likely to get bored early.

Fabrics make any space more cozy.  Put a scarf on a comfortable chair.  Use sheets, blankets, cushions.

Let what you love surround you!

We are all captivated by some customs and it is often difficult for us to get rid of some objects that create certain emotions in the interior.  In fact, you do not always have to buy something new.  The most important thing is to find the right place for what you like.

Start by freeing and emptying all walls and surfaces.  Now rearrange the items

Framed items or photos that you really like should become the main objects of your space.  Light, color and location of furniture;  You can organize them around focal points.

Do not hang photo frames or wall paintings too high to create visual balance.  The eye line of a person of average height is the best place to place the boards.

Include natural plants and flowers in the decoration because they are an essential and priority part for the decoration.

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