Be your home decorator with these golden rules! (part1)

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When we are at home or inviting our friends to our house, we want to have a warm and pleasant environment.  As a host, you definitely want your guests to enjoy your visit and then say, “Your house is incredible!”

 Although with the help of a decorator and interior designer, you can take longer steps, but by knowing the basic and golden rules of decoration, you can create a beautiful, cozy, stylish and unique interior space that suits your taste.

1) Specify the purpose of the room

You must first consider the purpose of the room.  No expensive design or furniture can create a comfortable and functional life for you if the design of your home is incorrect.  Start with the following: Consider your lifestyle, family customs, schedule, and daily activities.

Name and write down the spaces you need.  Sometimes a slight change in the house plan can make the space more functional for you. Think about which areas you can combine (kitchen / dining room, bedroom / dressing room, etc.). Draw a plan of the room and place the furniture there to find the best option.

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2) Think about the space you want to create!

Before you start designing your home, think about what style you want to create in that space and how you would like to feel there: calm or energetic.  It is very important to consider whether that space will be just right for you or you want to impress your guests as well. Think of a wide range of colors: calm or colorful.

What material and texture will you use: warm and natural surfaces or, conversely, artificial and felt? Use contrasting scales, large and small objects.  This helps you to avoid monotony and create a stimulating effect.  The important thing is that something should unite all objects (shape, color, texture, etc.).

3) Symmetry and balance for coordination

If you have an asymmetrical space, you have two options for showing it harmoniously: try to create false symmetry or highlight its features.

Look for a focal point in the room (a fireplace, a painting, a window) and create a symmetrical interior around it. Use vertical lines to make the area look bigger. Use emphasis to create symmetry first and then break it down a bit.

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