Make a chandelier with a balloon

chandelier with a balloon

How do you make colored balls and chandeliers with balloons?

You can use colored balls to decorate the house; Balls are available in different sizes and colors in the market, but the variety of colors of these ready-made balls is minimal. On the other hand, it comes with many costs. Therefore, if you want to change your house with the help of these balls, it is better to build them yourself. It would be best if you had wood glue, yarns in different colors, small balloons, and Vaseline or oil to make these balls. When buying balloons, make sure that these balloons are round after inflating.

When you want to start your work, first, mix the wood glue with a little water. The critical point in the combination of cement and water is that the water amount should not be so much that your work’s glue spills. Still, you only need a little water to remove the wood glue from its initial hardness. After that, lubricate the surface of the balloons. Then pour the diluted wood glue into a suitable container and put the yarns in it. Once the threads are completely soaked in the wood glue, wrap them around the balloon irregularly. When you are done, place the balloon in a suitable place to dry completely. Once you are sure, the glue is completely dry, burst the balloon with a needle and remove it from the yarn. Now your balls are ready.

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Making a chandelier with balloons

To make a chandelier with a balloon, you must use an enormous size balloon. It would be best to have yarn or hemp, wood glue, a brush, and Vaseline or oil for this art.

This chandelier’s construction is quite similar to camouflage balls’ construction, except that the balloon’s size should be larger. After the work is ready, you should pass it through the lamp wire. Of course, in addition to using yarn to make this chandelier, you can also use the tours you have at home. Grease the balloon to make it. Place the balloon net and use a brush to apply the wood glue diluted with water on the net. Be aware that you should cover the entire surface of your network with glue. Another point is to leave the top of the chandelier slightly open so that you can pass the lamp wire through it.

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