How to make a dream catcher! (part2)

dream catcher

Start knitting a dream catcher

Here are some tips for dream catcher. Cut about two meters of yarn and tie its head to the top of the loop with a knot. You can tie several knots in a row to make sure the connection is tight. In the next step, you have to weave the yarn around the loop and at equal intervals. To do this, move the thread clockwise to a point about five cm from the first knot and tie another knot (5 cm is just one example, and you can make shorter or longer distances, depending on your taste.

Pull the thread well to make sure the knot is tight. Similarly, find the following points and mark them with knots to go through a loop with thread and knot and get to the beginning. When you get to the start of the work, tie the thread right next to the first knot. Look at your circle and see that you have made a regular polygon with the thread on the circle.

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Now it is time to knit the second round. Again, like the first round, you have to do around at equal intervals. But this time, there is no loop, and you have to connect your knots on the sides of the polygon you made in the previous round; In this way, you have to bring the thread exactly to the middle part of the side of the polygon and twist or tie it in that part. As you continue, weave more and more, and you will see that in each ridge, the space left inside the loop gets smaller and smaller. Continue knitting until only a small decorative bead is left in the middle of the loop.

Tie the thread when you attach the bead or any decorative item you want to the Dream catcher center. Tie the end of the thread tightly several times to make sure it is tight and does not loosen and that your efforts are not wasted. In the end, cut the extra thread with scissors. So far enough to make the first handmade Dream catcher.

The next step is to make a hanger for your dream catcher. You can use yarn, ribbon, pieces of fabric, or even a piece of leather. You have to cut it to the desired dimensions and tie the end to make a circle.

Decorate your dream catcher

To decorate your dream catcher, in addition to different colored ribbons and nets, you can use a variety of yarns and even colorful fabrics that you have at home. Cut these fabrics into thin strips and attach them to the Dream catcher’s bottom exactly as you would a hanger.

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