How to make a dream catcher! (part1)

make a dream catcher

Learning to make Dream Catch at home

A dream catcher is one of the famous pieces of jewelry that has many fans. Many people earn money by making this beautiful handicraft at home. In this article, we will show you how to earn money with Dream Catcher at home.

Prepare the tools and equipment needed to make Dream catcher

You do not need many tools to make Dream Catch at home. However, if you decide to build a dream catcher profession, you can get the following equipment more completely:

1. Ring

Prepare a metal or wooden ring. They are straightforward to work with metal or wooden rings and are great for making a dream catcher. However, if this is your first time making a dream catcher, it is a good idea to try a loop of about 13 to 20 cm. These rings are neither too big nor too small for beginners.

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2. Ribbon and glue

Ribbons can be made of satin, net or suede or even leather straps. Your hands are completely free to choose the material of these strips. According to your taste, you can prepare the material you need. However, the ribbon’s width should not be too large, and its width should be eight times the diameter of the ring. You can also use ordinary glue for glue. Any glue that attaches the ribbon to the loop is fine.

3. Yarn

It is better to use strong but flexible yarns such as silk yarn. The length of the thread should be ten times the diameter of the loop. Traditionally, natural colored yarns are used, but you can use any color you like.

4. Accessories for decorating

To decorate your dream catcher, you can use all kinds of lace ribbons, feathers, fabric ribbons, all kinds of beads and precious stones and anything that comes to mind. It is common for dream catchers to use beads and decorative items to decorate it, which is essential and has a special meaning.

In the first step, you need to cover the ring well all around.

Place the ribbon head on the loop. With the help of glue, you have to wrap the ribbon around the loop and stick it. You can tie a small knot at the beginning to make the work stronger. When wrapping the ribbon, make sure there is no gap between the ribbon layers, and you should not be able to see any traces of the loop on the side of the ribbons.

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