Design a home using a 3D printer for Milan Design Week

During Milan Design Week 2018, Mr. Massimiliano Locatelli and his team built houses with a 3D printer’s help.

This house’s main structure was built with only three things;  Concrete, a 3D printer, and a map.  The rest of the work was handmade. The result is a house with beautiful curves and a garden on its roof.

The main difference between this house and other houses that will soon be printed on their travels is that in Milan, the printed concrete wall was chosen as a beautiful design and displayed, not just concrete as an economical and cost-effective option.  Be used.

This is the first printed house in Europe; the name of this project is named ‘3D housing 05,’ and the number five indicates five features in the design of this house;

1- Creativity 2- Stability 3- Flexibility 4- Cost-effectiveness 5- High speed

It now takes a week and € 1,000 per square meter to build a 100-square-meter house with a 3D printer, but this figure is expected to drop to € 300 per square meter shortly.

Milan Design Week hosts prominent architectural characters (2016)

To call AXOR “Predicting the meaning of water in the future”, David Ajaye designed a concept faucet reminiscent of religious rites and ceremonies led by Biarke Engels.  And are connected by electromagnetic joints. In another design, Zaha Hadid Studio has provided shelves made of black granite that can be installed individually or separately in any desired location.  Herzog & De Morne showcased an exceptional bathroom service designed for their near-ending skyscraper in Manhattan.

“Daniel Libeskind” also presented two designs in this exhibition: a radiator that evokes a folded paper or a cloth in the breeze for the viewer. Libeskind made this product from recycled materials. Libeskind, in his other design inspired by movement  Irregular pens or stock market fluctuations, have made these analog clocks.

“Mad” studio also presented their designed handles in the Mississauga towers in this exhibition.  Marble with “Nendo” studio also showed a chair made of the stone concept of instability and fall during Milan Design Week.

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