Hosting visiting family and friends over the holidays? Consult our checklist of thoughtful guest room accoutrements.

You’ve provided a place for guests to lay their weary heads, but what other accoutrements can help make their overnight stay truly memorable? We asked designer and consummate host, Karl Lohnes, to share his favourite guest room flourishes.

• Bathroom amenities. “Sometimes guests forget to pack something and they’re too embarrassed to ask for it,” says Lohnes. “That’s why I keep a drawer full of travel-size shampoos and conditioners, and spare toothbrushes. Guests are welcome to use them as needed.”

• Internet access. “Whether it’s a Wi-Fi password or a direct link, give guests the means to check emails in the morning or before they go to bed.”

• Magazines. “You don’t want guests sitting up in their room reading novels the whole time, but magazines give them something to flip through,” says Lohnes.

• Bottles of water. It’s a thoughtful touch that can save them a trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night!

• Plenty of fresh towels.

• An alarm clock. “It’s hard to believe, but not everyone has a smartphone with an alarm!”


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