Our Home & Style Director is an expert at finding smart solutions to your decorating dilemmas. Here, she settles the debate about sacrificing style for substance when buying a big-screen TV.

Q: My husband wants a giant TV, but it won’t fit with the style of my formal living room. Any ideas?

It’s definitely true that televisions don’t always exude elegance, but for many peo­ple, it’s unrealistic not to have one in the living room. Short answer: Install a wall­ mounted TV and hang art around it to draw the eye elsewhere. 

Long answer: Look for an item like The Frame, by Samsung, a 4K TV and piece of art in one. Designed to appear just as a picture frame would on a wall, it comes loaded with 100 pieces of gallery­-worthy artwork, so when you’re not viewing your favourite programs and the TV is off, its Art Mode feature displays a piece of art on the screen. There’s one in the photo at right—did you spot it? I’m excited by this innovative technology—it will be per­fect for homes like yours.


The Frame, by Samsung, comes with its own collection of artwork, but you can purchase more, or upload your own pieces using the My Collection feature. If you love modern or if you love classic, The Frame, by Samsung has interchangeable frames* in walnut, oak or white to match your decor.

*Each Customizable Frame sold separately.



Source: Canadianliving.com

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