Reno Assistance’s Andrew Collins reveals hottest design trends for your space down under.

Whether it needs a facelift for design trends , is a diamond in the rough, or is unused space, everyone has one: a basement with potential. We have five basement renovation trends to turn the unwelcoming space into your go-to hangout spot. 

1. A wide open space.

Open concept basements is a continuing trend from 2017. Remove walls or other obstacles in order to have a minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic or to have space for activities that are constantly changing.

2. A personalized hideaway.

Mixologist or wine aficionado needing a home bar or wine cave? Seeking to sweat it out in the comfort of home? Basement renovations personalized to your interests are trending. Think outside the box — you can even create an in-house music studio/rehearsal space. “It’s a bit expensive, with soundproofing and electrical work required, but using the basement as a music space is definitely something we’ll be seeing more of,” says Collins.

3. Expanding your space.

Increasing your home’s footprint through a basement renovation will add more usable space to your living quarters—and increase overall home value. Reno Assistance’s Andrew Collins has the inside scoop: “The major incentive is to increase the value of your home. I see a big shift in the coming year; people investing more in renovations, so in the future they can benefit from enhanced value on the market.”

4. Make it a guest suite.

In hot—and pricey—real estate cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, it’s no surprise that “The most typical renovation we see is people finishing their basements to have a guest suite,” says Collins, or turned into a basement apartment. While some will choose to rent that space out, others are simply happy to have a place for friends and relatives to stay while they visit.

5. Going digital.

Home automation remains a popular option when it comes to updating basements. With the advent of new tech for the home, equipping your basement with technology that lets you control your TV, stereo, lighting, and heating with a mere passing comment is all the more attractive in frosty winter months.





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