These simple hacks will bring the glories of the festive season into your home — without compromising your wallet.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Decorating your home for the holiday season doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Interior stylist Sarah Gunn reveals four simple tips that’ll help you decorate in the most stylish, budget-friendly way possible.

  1. Mix real with faux elements.
    “Decorate with nature, with a combination of real and faux,” says Gunn. Invest in a faux greenery garland that can be placed on the fireplace mantle or table and updated season after season. Weave in real elements (think gourds or pinecones) or mood-setting ones (like candles or lanterns) when the seasons change. “If you have to refresh some of the fresh elements halfway through the season, it’s not as expensive if you’ve got a faux base,” she says.
  1. Layer what you have.
    There’s no need to invest in different coloured or patterned cushions every season—jusy layer in any extra pillows and throws you already have to add an array of textures. “You’ll get that cozy feel without re-inventing your design style every year,” says Gunn.

3. Only decorate the three main rooms.
You don’t need to outfit every room with fall decor. Not only is that expensive, but your home will feel cluttered. Gunn suggests focusing on the areas where people gather: the dining room, living room and entryway. “It’s nice to have something decorative on a dining table or sideboard,” says Gunn. “If you have a mantle, that’s a great place to add some decor. And if you have a console in your entryway, incorporate something that greets your guests when they come into your home.”

  1. Don’t overthink tableware.
    Invest in a solid white dinnerware set that you can use at every holiday gathering. This will allow you to have fun with the extras (like side dishes, glassware, napkins and the centrepiece) and thereby change up the look of your table seasonally. “If you have a nice base and introduce new colours and elements, your tablescape will feel fresh without having to buy many new pieces,” says Gunn.

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