GET YOUR ENTRYWAY ORGANIZED : Notorious for being a dumping zone as everyone heads into and out of the house, entranceways can be tricky to keep tidy. A few simple space-saving tricks will have this much-used area in tip-top shape.

1. Stand tall

Add function and make a stylish statement with a patterned umbrella stand that houses other upright items, such as yoga mats and shoehorns, too.

2. Take a seat

A place to perch by the front door provides a convenient spot to slip shoes and boots on and off. Choose a stylish chair instead of a bulky bench to keep the space from looking too crowded.

3. Coat check

Set the tone for your home right from the front door. To ensure that coats and accessories are immediately hung up instead of thrown on the floor, mount hooks at various levels to make them accessible to everyone, no matter how small. Source hooks with multiple pegs to accommodate more items, but don’t go overboard.

4. Under foot

Designate a spot for shoes to dry—in this case, an oversize vintage silver serving tray. Don’t worry about it being too fancy for footwear; a tray like this will only get more beautiful with age, but to prolong its shelf life and to catch water and dirt, place an absorbent mat (try a ribbed rubber or synthetic fibre, such as olefin or polypropylene) on top.

Nordil wardrobe, $329, Turbio hook, $30, Porcelain umbrella stand, $120, Sidera chair, $399,

Hide and seek

No entranceway closet? No problem. A wardrobe with a combination of hanging and drawer storage keeps essentials, such as coats, sweaters and scarves, organized behind closed doors. Plus, open storage offers easy access to everyday items. Use containers in various sizes to group articles by category.

The entranceway is one of the most used and most neglected areas in  a home. To make things easier at the  end of a busy day, provide each  member of the family with a space for their gear. Use bins to store such  small  items as hats, mittens and scarves. Have a file by the door to  hold any mail, instead of just dumping it when  you come in. Putting a  simple system in place will make  it much easier to stay organized.

—  Rachael Stafford,  Professional Organizers in Canada, Toronto





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