The beauty of design is its ability to morph, adapt, and incorporate influences that enhance style and function. The interior design trends 2020 exemplify this in a way that tells a story. With their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments, our top online interior designers shared the trends that they are seeing this year. Hint: It’s interesting to see patterns unfolding that address our needs as society and environment even more. With all of this in mind, here are the top 10 must-see home Interior Design Trends 2020 has to offer.
1. Earth Tones

Let’s start with color. Although the Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, embraces cool tones, there is another pattern emerging. Embracing earth tones is one of the interior design color trends in 2020. Olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange are shades that not only bring warmth but also a connection to the great outdoors.

Furniture and accessories the mimic natural elements of wood, plants, and metals offer an opportunity to create a calming environment much like being outside. For many of us spending a lot of time indoors, this is a welcome feeling. This doesn’t mean you need to go neutral or too safe! Bold can happen in the form of black doors or a chocolate brown velvet sofa. Incorporating these tones can be creative and offer a uniquely grounded look.

  1. Curvy Shapes

This interior design trend is a distinct throwback. It’s the reemergence of curvy shapes. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, rounded furniture makes it’s way back but with a modern twist. Line and curve mesh to highlight the beauty of form. In furniture, we are seeing upholstered pieces like sofas, chaises, and benches designed with undulation and asymmetry as guidelines. It’s common to see curved sofas when searching for Living Room Design Ideas because they welcome conversation.

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